2022 and Beyond

As new & recently appointed Member of the Sandwell Tenants and Leaseholder Scrutiny Group, in 2022, Im looking forward to working alongside a Team dedicated to Community Development and Engagement

As a Photographer and Artist, I am keen to work with the community to explore Sandwell and The Black Country’s diverse & rich heritage.

For leisure I love exploring the canals in Sandwell. I am keen to learn a bit more about Sandwell’s history in coal mining. Coal mining so famous, it got a borough named the Black country after its history. Why was mining stopped in the black country? I can only speculate.

How can we harness its history to inform the future and create a more sustainable and viable environment around current coal mining globally.

In the 21st century the focus is now on green energy for a clean environment. My particular interest is to understand the impact of air pollution, what we are breathing in and advocate for a less toxic environment. We need to live free from air pollution caused by fumes from fuel burning for electricity grids for commercial and domestic use, commercial waste, car exhausts, chemtrails etc

Published by

Winnie Mangwende

I am the Founder of www.Iamnotaprototype.com. I am a Life based Arts Coach, Artist and Targeted Individual

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