Courage calls to Courage everywhere

Millicent Fawcett slogan, who was a suffragette who campaigned for women’s suffrage by legal change.

The ICATOR lawsuit advert we ran on Facebook, about 3 months ago had a reach of just over 50 000 views as of to date. And this is just the beginning of our development as an organisation and it shows the potential of the internet and our ability to use digital platforms to raise awareness in pursue of justice for Targeted Individuals. The reach is phenomenal and does not limit us to only traditional forms of publicising our cause. I have always known its a game changer if we know how to position ourselves and our messages as Targeted individuals. We need to be innovative and proactive in how we approach this situation.

The irony is when I announced that I was developing a social justice platform, I experienced resistance from fellow Targeted Individuals who I expected support from. Resistance so strong they thought I needed them to succeeded when really I just needed their support and motivation to power though as friends do. So when they started shutting me down in a passive aggressive way, I decided to distance myself from them because they obviously felt threatened and uncomfortable although that was not my intention. The negativity was interfering with my ability to proceed positively, in order for me to achieve what I set out to do. I wasn’t feeling supported. I realise I was in a fake friends situation and when it got petty, I checked out. I was not going to put up with people treating me with contempt especially when I though they were friends. So disheartening to find people acting in such a way when you thought everyone was working towards the same cause.

I decided to be the Founder of my own social justice organisation because I know some of my ideas for are innovative and would be difficult to implement working under somebody’s else platform. I have a very creative approach. I like to try things out in order to find out what works and see what is going to give us results as Targeted Individuals. So this method of working will never work with people who are not flexible, creative or willing to try out different approaches to campaigns to secure justice for Targeted Individuals. Although my confidence is a bit low, I am realising that I do have very good skills, I was taking for granted. I remember as a Photography student in class & our lectures trying to tell us how to do digital marketing for our photography & me thinking I was so advanced in my understanding because I had been so active on social media daily, watching trends develop and grow. I could have been teaching that module, at a more advanced level as I had acquired a lot of knowledge, networking on social media platforms. Sometimes practical experience is better that sitting in a lecture room and learning something. However everything works in balance. I am grateful for my education because it has given me the skills to plan a project, organize, manage large data and information, visual presentation, group working and troubleshooting etc.

So my approach to comes with a lot of knowledge acquired both practical and academic experience needed to develop a social justice platform and facilitating the reach aspect of the platform. While its primarily for Targeted Individuals who want belonging from anywhere in the world. Its for everyone else who wants to understand this crime in depth to maybe support their family member, relative or friend to anyone who wants to help Targeted Individuals raise awareness and get justice for crimes that have been perpetrated against them including cybertorture and all forms of non consensual human experimentation with Electromagnetic weapons.

I am currently trying to break down my knowledge into information that can be easily accessed by Targeted Individuals and none Targeted Individuals alike. In order to reach out beyond our Targeted Individuals community to other key stakeholders who could help us in our cause including but not limited to police, press, public etc, we have to show that we are aware of the limitations & barriers to our social justice developments and need their input to drive policy change and get justice for Targeted Individuals. Its an appeal to humanity to enable this process to succeed while covering as many basis as possible.

Targeted individuals from all walks of life need to come together to campaign for restoration of human rights, acknowledgement and justice. For our campaigns, Its never a bad thing to look back in history to find motivation and understand the challenges people in past have dealt with, in their pursuit for justice. They are so many movements in history and Courage calls to Courage everywhere is just one of those justice campaigns from history, I came across in my recent visit to Tate Liverpool. Its a piece of art done by on work by Gillian Wearing of Millicent Fawcett a suffragette. Makes me reflect on how many Targeted Individuals are putting themselves out to pursue justice as we need everyone doing their part until we all reach a perfect unison. They are some divisions in the TI community unfortunately perpetuated by individuals who cause disharmony weather they are aware of it or not. This causes unnecessary divisions. We need unity. Its not about who is doing what & why. Its about asking yourself as a Targeted Individual “WHAT AM I DOING TO STOP THIS CRIME?”

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Winnie Mangwende

I am the Founder of I am a Life based Arts Coach, Artist and Targeted Individual

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