I am exposing what I know

I was ambushed & manipulated , forced into a mind control program against my will & forced to stay based on intricate attempts to web my life around Targeted individuals issues in a way that people would not see that I was being exploited. And exploited in a big and malicious way involving trying to force me into acts of espionage and treason against my country. I am being blackmailed for Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals in the name of career development. Career development which never happened because the real goal involved forcing themselves to sink more and more control into my life, hoping I will have children they can control and exploit for their goals. This agenda would be a way of controlling my children as generation of slaves for their infiltration of Zimbabwe through various ways including politics and trying to influence the control of Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals in to US Military Complex favour. Which I am against. Zimbabwe should be allowed to trade its resources with other countries based on good merits and understanding. Since 2013 I am being tortured and abused by US Military on a daily basis 24/7 against my will and without any means to protect myself other than speaking out and hoping something can be do to stop this crime.

In the years I have been a Targeted Individual, I have been forced into isolation. With limited contact with the outside world. I grew to rely on online social interaction. But even that has been gradually being taken away from me leaving me in total isolation where the exploitation and manipulation is increasing to totally strip me of any independent identity, freewill & sense of self. I am being continually manipulated & exploited since I became a victim since 2013. I am being denied the right to live the life I want. I am constantly being sabotaged every attempt I make and never go far beyond a few days and weeks. They always make sure I return to the point where through sleep deprivation, harassment, torture and abuse, I fail to maintain the goals I want to achieve.

I am being exposed to an electromagnetic frequency field that is putting pressure on my body especially my head, meaning that I am forced to lie down for extended periods of the day only going to the toilet, or preparing & eating food. I am being imprisoned and exploited. What I think, watch, do is constantly being controlled & fed down to me regardless of wether its what I want or not. I clearly have no choice or say in the matter.

I am being denied my right to have relationships and a social life instead I am being forced to construct lies which protects my perpetrators over my own interests. They are creating relationships that are temporary & clearly in adequate for my needs. These relationships are never meant for long term & are deliberately designed to be toxic so they dont last leaving isolated for extended periods of time.

If this is my last and final attempt to move away from this & figure my own life out. Then let it be because I have made up my mind that people have to learn the truth & see what being done to people under HAARP and HAARP Mind Control technologies by Governments. My perpetrators identified themselves as US Military and I have no reason to doubt they are behind my abuse, torture and harrassment with access to UK air space with drones & US Military satellites. If it was a hostile enemy like Russia or China, I would like to know how they can have free access to UK/US Military equipment without any issues. Basically I know my abusers are US Military.

Published by

Winnie Mangwende

I am the Founder of www.Iamnotaprototype.com. I am a Life based Arts Coach, Artist and Targeted Individual

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