My intention in 2023 is to establish consistency, as I continue to work on MY SELF IMAGE and MY ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT to establish myself in a particular area of practice I intend to establish patterns of working and identify areas of interest to pursue and develop.

What do I need for consistency

  • Starting point : Having dreams and goals by putting practical steps to actualise my goals. It was important for me to create a starting point so I could define timeframes and deadlines to achieve my goals
  • Be focused and self-motivated. Knowing that on a day to day basis, I will be largely alone, and will need to keep myself motivated and focused to achieve my goals.
  • Be Practical : Pursue goals that are practical and achievable, e.g, I want to develop my artistic side more, so I want to focus on creative projects to focus on my artistic practice and expression. I have broken down my bigger goals into smaller ones so that I can work on them step by step and consistently till I reach my optimum goals, which I have established and defined for myself. These goals are markers that can be redefined and flexible to change and growth as long as they maintain the integrity of the purpose and vision.
  • So, it starts with daily goals that promote my overall goal. To develop my SElF Image.

Thank you for reading my blog. Love xoxo Winnie The Artist.Activist.Academic.

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