Order and Organisation

#TodaysDate and advice – ” Love Your Pictures “. Ms Winnie Mangwende BA (Hons), PgDip.

Take them as #FineArt. Use them, whole, cropped, upside-down,  anyway you like. Make interesting posts, intrigue, inform, shock, and interest. Love Art. Unique,  unusual, personal, and informatthe better.  Im a visual artist with over years easy of just loving art and the creative side of things.  I can remember being very young and going through my mother’s magazines and thinking how models in the magazines had interesting poses, clothes etc compared to others etc. I was already developing the discerning eye at a very young age. I feel now,  in my older age Im pulling the different strands together to make my creative side pop!!! Which gives me autermost happiness and freedom to be myself. To I can go back into my safe space as a child and enjoy figuring out what is what for my creative direction.  I have January figured out. It is about  order & organisation. Will start as I intend to proceed, orderly going deep into human express and art development. With January structure and narrative in place and almost complete, I will be moving to FEB, month of love & romance . My favourite, I think. In Love with Love #FromLibraWithLove. Is it about how much I love my boyfriend, or is it about #Self-Love? I think we neglect ourselves & give too much of our happiness to other people when infact we are capable of generating that happiness within ourselves.  If you live in a triggering  environment where things are fast-paced & economically driven, that you feel as though your emotional worth and value is tired down with it, then it needs changing. Segway back to my post, Im ready for February, meaning January is now perfunctory,  showing that I work at a phenomenal pace and enjoy what I do. They had to be order & decorum, so I limited myself to 2 posts a day. Some posts are head scratching, some light-hearted, a mixture.  I dont like taking myself too seriously. In fact, most importantly, it’s my voice & decree, therapeutic on matters personal to me & no one else. It is important to ME. I Love my art coz my art is a micro cosmic expression of me. As we all know, #ArtIsLife.

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