My Day – 3 January 2023


For me, 2023 is a holistic approach and displine to pursue and maintain my weight loss goals effectively for my desired outcome. A conscious effort to develop a balanced approach to exercise, lifestyle, and diet so I can live a healthier life and be more productive. I think weight loss for me will always be attached to appearance . However, with so much education and awareness regarding positivity, it means my weight is no longer holding me back from pursuing other goals simultaneously like capsule wardrobe planning goals. They can go hand in hand while I lose weight and also learn to dress myself better and comfortably.

13 458 Steps completed by 0935 this morning

Today’s exercise was a success because I managed to achieve my 10 000 steps goal before 10 am. Which is a really good achievement. I recommended it. Although they can be some pitfalls like exhaustion so early in the day, I hope it will improve with stamina and body conditioning


Chicken and Butter Beans Stew

As soon as I got back from the gym, I put a couple of chicken portions with vegetables, spices, and butter beans in the slow cooker to cook with. I took a nap. I was well beat and exhausted. Did not have a problem with completing the steps. It was the staying awake after.

When I was plating my stew , I made a mental note that I was not drinking enough and I needed to correct this. So after my lunch I will focus on fluids by drinking healthy drinks like homemade sugar free fruit flavoured water with lemons or lime. And water. I think not drinking enough will create a need to eat unnecessary foods, just to satisfy the need eat something

SIDENOTE : I am also doing the conquer virtual challenge to complete the walking distance of the UK from Lands End to John Ograts. In 2022 I had started on the challenge and completed 2% so it is now time to put serious skates on and catch up on the challenge.

I am behind with almost a 1000kms and I do not know how I can catch without doing something more drastic like a fitness fanatic.

It would not be bad because I want that so much. My life goals revolves around me having a more healthier lifestyle.

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