Day 2 – 10 000 Steps (Updated Daily)

So today, I had a dermatology appointment, so I decided to incorporate that into my exercise program. The surgery is 45 minutes away, perfect for putting in a huge chunk of my steps in.

Try walking 10 000 steps with the wrong shoes today. They look perfect for the job but the feel too wide and are leaving gaps in between. I need a secure hold. Like really think socks. Definitely going on my list of things to buy #ThickInsulationSocks

After my appointment, I stopped at Wetherspoons for lunch. Was famished. Had a Medium Well Done Sirloin Steak and Mediterrian Salad (637 calories) and low alcohol strawberry and lime cider. I like to eat in places where I know the calorie content of the food as well as possible health food swaps to enable me to maintain my diet.

Half way though my 10 000 steps goal

Final Step Count

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