Day 3 – 10 000 Steps Challenge

Started my morning with a nice coffee. I will be off to the gym to do my workout.

That’s me leaving for the Gym at 6pm. I was busy with my social media and art work stuff.  Arranging and rearranging content and the direction of my creative expression. I have decided to go easy on myself and enjoy life doing things I like. Like pursuing and achieving my weightloss goals. Making time for other people in my life. All things important to me. So here goes nothing but  definitely the start of something.

I test drove the workout program and it gave me results.

My friend from Sierra Leone invited me for dinner.  She made a rich peanut butter soup. I had to save my whole calories for the dinner tonight. 

Just felt nice to have all my meals in one setting.  She is absolutely a good friend.

Another end to a beautiful day. Good Night x

From Winnie Mangwende.  Artist.Activist.Academic

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