Lumpfish Caviar Review

The experience did not disappoint. Initially, I was a bit hesitant as I was trying the whole caviar experience for the first time. I do not find the idea of eating fish eggs appealing. Maybe a psychological thing that Fish eggs are not as appealing food as chiken / bird eggs. So for me, that was the first hurdle to get over. What caviar had going for it, was its reputation as a scrumptious food, so it was worth trying.

When I took the initial 2 bites, I was not convinced about its reputation. I was disappointed. Felt slimy and salty. They did not hit me like the little bubbles of sweet nectar I was expecting on my tongue. But I was willing to give it another go before calling it quits. So I decided to take a charcoal and sesame seeds cracker, and the odds improved drastically for those little pods of nectar.

For me, the cracker made the caviar more palatable. Ended up eating more bites than I expected. It was Delicious.

Is it something I want to do everyday? No!!! I think they need to be some consideration to the ecosystem. The relationship between human consumption and environmental considerations and the sustainability of resources to sustain our habits. The Jar is far too large for me to finish in two days on my own, so I will try to freeze the rest for future consumption

Cheers for Now, Love xoxo

Winnie Mangwende,


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