I have Nothing to Wear! Really.

Is a capsule wardrobe the solution. Let me investigate. Images and Video- Winnie Mangwende ©️

Blogging as a plus-size woman here. I have always blamed my lack of perfect outfits in my wardrobe to my body size and body shape. The two seem ingrained together in a harness made to trap me indefinitely into an unfashionable state. Or is it?

Weight can dictate what clothes women wear, particularly if their choices are limited to what is available on the market, known as the High Street in the UK. There have been significant improvements in recent years. Although the availability, pricing, high end fashion still favours the slimmer framed woman when it comes to popular pieces, designs, and colours. It is not unusual for weight loss goals to be heavily attached to Aesthetics, Style, and Clothes for The Makeover. And I am no different.  I am always working towards my best self and my Makeover.

It’s time to change the Status Quo.

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