Facebook shared a beautiful memory of my sister and her baby. That was 14 years ago. OMG, time flies. My niece is turning sweet 16 this year and in this picture, she must have been only a few months old. Back then, people were not prolific about posting pictures every second. Maybe once in a while, a significant picture because mobile phones where crap and it took huge effort to maintain good imagery. So I am really grateful, I was tagged as Auntie Winnie . Being abroad, missing my family, these type of communications are precious and significant and continue to increase in value with age. So today I got a memory reminder from Facebook and instinctively remembered that Dress with the patchwork material. How bizarre, I have been thinking about this style of creative design lately. Its a dress, I send it to my sister together with her baby preparation gift of baby clothes and all sorts.

The story behind that dress is, it started of as mine. I had bought it for its unusual patchwork style. The different colour combination of florals in contrast to the rest of the dress. This dress struck me as unusual and become a high sought after item to buy and own. I remember investing quiet a bit on my carer salary. I liked good quality clothing and would not hesitate to buy if I thought it was worth it.

When I got it I soon fell out of love with its shape. I felt it was not suitable for my body shape. It left bulgies in place, I did not want to see bulges. It was good at covering my stomach area but not the bulges in the back. I have always been sensitive about my body size. So it had to go. That was before I discovered shape wear. Because I had invested so much into it, I was not ready to part with it, that is, take it to charity or throw it in the bin. I decided to give it to my sister, who had a smaller frame at the time and was pregnant. It would make perfect maternity wear, which women at limited option as fashion wear. Let’s not go into 80s and 90s maternity wear because even Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Wales could not pull it off. Maternity wear was a disaster in that era of fashion.

Upcycling of clothes using various materials is now a lifestyle and a trend, so much so, I am looking forward to utilising some of the clothes I have outgrown due to weightloss. Use the materials to reconstitute another who outfit or accessory. I will be able to maintain my lifestyle and finances very decently without getting into too much expenses with an extensive new makeover. I have also discovered that with each weight gain, I tend to go for the same style of clothing I like from my staples, i.e., the leather skirt or fancy shiny top for a night out. They are some things I like to wear at every size.

I was teasing my sister that I will be coming to collect my dress when i eventually get to Zimbabwe from the UK. After 14 years, she would probably have passed it on but won’t say. I know post pregnancy weight, she would probably have decided to pass them on. So its probably safe to leave the dress reunion to just sentiments. Besides, my print now is animal print and that dress was floral, so the urgency to have it not the same. I probably just want to make a similar dress using the style from it as inspiration and guidance and see if I can get the same effect with repositioned animal prints.

Me embracing my Leopard Print Lifestyle now.
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