London as a Centre for Creativity – SAFARI RE-IMAGINED

I lived in Hounslow part of Greater London for 9 years but my mind was on something else. Working and making money for my next pay cheque. I do not think London has got any better for those living and working there, despite the London weighting incentive unless you are rich. London is a different animal when it comes to enjoying life and living the lifestyle to its optimum best. Spending all your money on cocktails and living on beans on toast is just a Bridget Jones pandemic if we really where to dig deep into it. So I’m am really greatful to be living a better quality of life in Sandwell, Greener, Earthy and calmer. I can sort of balance the two with my regular London trips. One place demanding and the other, just letting me be me. Love London for its creativity and inspiration as a place. Everytime I visit I do not leave without getting inspired or influenced to be a better person and artist in my own right and that is some gift I have learned to appreciate. To be tapping into a world that is far from my origins, my country of birth Zimbabwe. I think what I feel must be what the early explorers to Africa felt, the curiosity and wonder, all the possibilities. Maybe the only difference is, I do not seek to possess anything. I just want to learn and be inspired.

Love xoxo Winnie Mangwende Artist.Activist.Academic

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