UK SNOW March 2023

Every #UKSnow I see a myriad of individuals’ visual interpretation of the snowfall depending on their location, abilities, and equipment. They is no right or wrong. Just unadulterated interpretation of the snow event. Mine is like my visual poetry with nature. Focusing on the snow fall on the trees and leaves. If you look closer, signs of spring among them. Bringing hope of a new season as we anticipate spring. I hope you enjoy my photography’s of the UK snow March 2023.

Winnie Mangwende is a multi media artist with skills in Graphic Design, Photography and Textiles using her personal experience, expertise and self determination to forge an identity and a future in the fields of Art, Activism and Academia.
As an Activist I find nature surroundings be quite therapeutic and helpful for me to organise my thoughts and ideas especially around issues that I am dealing with in order to find solutions to these issues. Full length video on Tiktok as @imnotaprototype
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