FlyTipping at its worst in Sandwell #Asbestos.

By now everyone knows how hazards Asbestos is. How serious care has to be taken to prevent people being exposed to its hazards material which can be deadly if breathed in and a fibre gets logged into your lungs. It can grow cancerous over time.

The asbestos was by entrance to Titford Pool which is used by many people, children and pets. I saw two young boys unaccompanied, having fun on their bikes passing through. It’s a shame that someone would be so inconsiderable to put others at risk. I do not know if they are cameras . I feel something needs to be done about this.

I am a member of the neighbourhood app, and a lot of people are starting to raise questions about the filth , littering , dog mess, etc. I have been going around with my camera, and I have witnessed some of these issues myself. Something needs to be done. I was just wondering if the council can afford it. As it always ends up as a taxpayer problem. We, the people, pay for it!

Maybe we need to start a neighbourhood petition to sort this out. Although I am aware of voluntary group run by Langley Waterside Care volunteers doing their bit to clean the neighbourhoods. They are things they cannot clear themselves like asbestos.

Thank you


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