Is banning animal products in Fashion the answer?

#UKSpring 2023 Fashion related fact : ASOS choose to remove feathers, mohair, silk, and cashmere in their fashion collections as they believe animals should not suffer in the name of fashion or cosmetics. No animals should be slaughtered specifically to produce products sold through any of ASOS websites. All animal materials used must be by-products of the meat industry.

Visa versa, neither should we expect humans to suffer for anything #BEKIND. This is 2023. My ethos for #SAFARIREIMAGINED reflects on some of the issues we have inherited globally through our interconnected global villages, including culture and beliefs that contribute to global issues we face as people.

Is animal suffering really worth the price for our fashion needs?

So, what do I think?  I think some of the issues surrounding the clothing industry are worth looking into and considering from one’s own ethical and moral perspectives. Putting issues into both a personal and global perspective is important to understand how these issues affect us human beings and the whole biosphere. Despite being considered the most intelligent of all creatures, humans are destructive of all species – among themselves, the earth’s biosphere and the environment with no apperent thought of the other.

Textile Landfill (c) unknown

I want to see my photography in textile and fashion. For me things to think ahead include, how my artistic practice in a fashion industry will affect others and the world around me. Is it nurturing,  kind, intuitive, alert, eco friendly,  and sustainable or am I working in a vacuum of my own ignorance and one day I will wake up to realise I am no longer relevant. The world is moving too fast and every day another fashion trend is on the rise and it will be a topic for 15 mins and a landfill problem for years to come. So when your 15 mins fashion trend decision arrive, make them minutes count. How we choose to buy clothes is rather a complex and personal decision based on one’s  own economic status, needs, and wants. Its still a process many people need to refine and work on, learning to keep out the noise of fast fashion trends and opting for one’s own personal fashion statement.

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