Is learning addictive and where do you draw the line?

Is it through time or financial constraints. Or is it something that appeals to others and not all. I have fond memories of my academic years, especially when I went to university. I see to gloss over all the stress of deadlines and performance requirements. I want to be there again. So yesterday, I was looking online for MA Photography degrees to get a feel of what’s happening and I was astonished at the amount of money required to complete an MA degree, and frankly, I was having an epiphany. Maybe I am academically inclined because it is my comfort zone. I am well over qualified in the Photography department, and here I am still trying to upgrade on that. I need to move out of my comfort zone and get into the grind.

Maybe I need more processing time regarding high level education like MA Phil /PHD level which i intend on pursuing one day because one of my biggest regret is not finishing my Photography Major Project due to circumstances beyond my control with the targeting and the electromagnetic harrassment issue I was having.

Winnie Mangwende, BA PgDip.

Even with decent letters after my name , I feel inadequate and realising it is an issue I need to work on. Out of interest BCU had an MA on Personal Styling which appealed to me because I am into my animal prints and I am working on producing different types of imagery work in that area. It has been an outstanding project for a very very long time since 2017. Its quite extensive in content and contextualisation. It’s my thing.

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