#MAYDAY. ‘Mayday’ is an internationally recognized distress signal. ‘May Day’ is a spring holiday and, in some places, a celebration of working people. The terms sound similar, but have different meaning which can overlap into each other with people who are workers are also victims of modern slavery, exploitation & human trafficking & they are sending an #SOS signal for help. Going further into the rabbit hole, people with no official working status , renumeration, benefits, etc. are being used for slavery and illegal non-consensual human experimention. People who have been targeted by organised crime for non-consensual human experimentions with electromagnetic weapons #TargetedIndividuals #TargetedIndividual. So when you celebrate your day, remember they are people suffering. Here on social media, it’s all about consuming content for ones own gratification. Have you taken a moment to empathise and humanise your content creator for the time and effort they put into their work. I do not think so. Otherwise, you would not be envious, jealous & ignorant about what it takes and show a bit of appreciation. It is not all about you too. It’s about everybody. Do not be part of the problem. Be part of the solution.

Have a good #Mayday, but for the rest who are actually saying May Day # SOS for help, I pray help comes to you soon enough. #Traumavictims #TraumaSurviors

Winnie Mangwende ©️ Artist.Activist.Academic

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