I am a Targeted Individual

“I thought I knew were my career and life were going. I had plans, dreams and hopes, then my life was turned upside down by people who wanted to use me in their mind control experiments. My story is about raising awareness of a crime that should concern us all”

Winnie Mangwende – Artist and a Victim of US Military Human Trafficking. Most people do not know the story behind this picture until now. This is the moment I realised I was about to kill myself by suicide due to the pain and torture from frequencies or microwave weapons attacks. Its the moment I realised that I either had to fight back or be killed

I am a victim of Human Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery…

In 2013 I was gangstalked, attacked and Isolated by US Military who subjected me to Mind Control experiments. While isolated I was forced to learn v2k (voice to skull) so they could bypass mainstream communication channels which could be intercepted by the Zimbabwe government. US Military want me to go to Zimbabwe and pass information and weapons to militia to overthrow Zimbabwe government in a false flag operation. I was to go to Zimbabwe wilderness, pretending to be doing Photography while meeting with the militia. US Military want to turn Zimbabwe into a failed state so US Military complex companies could use US Military/ NATO to invade & loot Strategic Minerals for use in Military and Commercial Industries. These developments are linked to digital technologies and developments around ‘The Internet Of Things ‘. This has fueled criminal activities initiated by the US Military Industrial Complex. I have done my own research in search of evidence to support that this behaviour by US Military is not an isolated incident.

Since 2013 my life has been hijacked and sidetracked by US Military Organised Crime.

Brief history of US Military Industrial Complex and False Flag Operations

Lee Harvey Oswald

In 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of killing President John F Kennedy, assassinating him with a rifle from the 6th floor while the presidents motorcade was passing. Oswald denied participating in the assassination. Some say the actual shooters where in the same car with the president.  About 70% of Americans believe the true story is being kept away from them. That they is a cover up for what was a sinister plot to shift US politics into the control of organised crime. So was Lee Harvey Oswald a patsy. Some Reports seem to suggest so. A patsy being someone who is set up for a crime so he takes full responsibility during or after the fact. Prior to J. F. Kennedy becoming President, his predecessor President Dwight Eisenhower, in his farewell address had warned people about the US Military Industrial Complex. A union of defense contractors and armed forces.

On 20 December 2021, US Department of Defense released a directive to tackle extremist activities within US Armed Forces at will have a positive impact on Targeted Individuals. Click here for the Press release on the report is addressing this and other issues within US Military of “Handling Protest, Extremist, & Criminal Gang Activities Among Members of the Armed Forces”. I am still skeptical it will address the issue of Gangstalking and Cybertorture by members and contractors of the US Military. Because I have been waiting for so long to see any good  news. Time will tell if this is a good development for Targeted Individuals as we hope.

HAARP and Mind Control

Dr. Nick Begich explores the HAARP array system that may be able to employ extremely low frequency signals that can actually affect the human brain, influencing how people think and feel creating stress, confusion, and the sensation of psychosis. Rent full movie here. According to Dr Nick Begich in his book ‘Angels dont play this HAARP’, US Military has deployed miniture versions of HAARP to contractors to targeted individuals for mind control

My Timeline as a Targeted Individual 2013 – Current


  • Prior to being aware that I was a targeted individual, a brain implant was inserted through my nasal cavities without my prior consent or knowledge. Its with an in depth knowledge and research into this crime that I have been able to piece together events of my summer in 2013 when the crime occurred, which was the opportune time this very risky and serious procedure was carried out. Involves stalking and carrying out surveillance on unsuspecting victims. Alone for 2 weeks in June 2013, I suffered headaches, time loss and nose bleeds and slept constantly too weak and in pain to do anything else
    my whole face ached and in time my whole body became very sensitive and painful in various places. I was getting bruising and injuries, I could not explain.
  • Gang stalking began August 2013.
  • I was made to endured physical and mental abuse and torture 24/7. Put through daily ritualistic abuse
  • I was kept in a state of Cognitive Dissonance alternative states of forcing me to comply followed by escalating violence and abuse.
  • Educating me on Stockholm syndrome and how the relationship will be beneficial to me to keep the existence of US Military private
  • Interfered with my MA in Photography studies.


  • Forced Isolation and abuse
  • Terrorism Indoctrination
  • Blackmail and demanding Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals
  • Accelerated disruption of my work, my studies, denied social contact or my networking was monitored and disrupted
  • Denied pursing relationships of my choice
  • Denied eating food of my choice or exercise instead I was starved
  • Destruction of electrical equipment in particular my phones, laptops. Trying to make it look like I was getting sensitive to WiFi to further isolate me
    continual disruption of my plans followed by threats of more and server disruption for non compliance


  • After I lost weight and at a size I was really thin, I was told to get pregnant to a man they chose who was Muslim.
  • Demanded I have a Muslim child sacrifice to abuse or murder and blame post natal depression . If I went to prison, I would be deported to Zimbabwe, where US Military would guide me into further terror related developments
  • Told I had no right to make decisions over my life, that I was now answerable to US Military
  • Getting more indoctrinated in terrorist activities and ISIS developments
  • I was kept in the dark about relevant matters of my life and told to act on instruction
  • Took me years to figure out what was being done to me and I started making concrete efforts to contact my government and warn them about these developments as well as exposing it online.
  • This was followed by false re-socialisation, trying to make me look normal on the outside when they were still trying to regain control of my life, telling me what to do and continue to enslave me.
  • Continued manipulation to try and stop me from exposing what had happened to me.
  • Trying to force a false account of events by trying to direct the narrative differently.


  • Crime Reporting – Made contact with a member of the Zimbabwean government where I was able to tell them what was happening to me at the hands of US Military. Not only was my personal welfare threatened, so was lives of many Zimbabweans at risk from a war in Zimbabwe, being engineered by US Military Organised Crime
    US Military continued to embed themselves in to my life so they could to command and direct my life. Tried to influence and manipulate me to silence me by killing my grandmother and threatening me & my family members with death
  • Stop me exposing what had happened to me
  • Denied my right to self determination.
  • Living in fear of my life as threats escalated


Winnie Mangwende and Paolo Fiora during his London Weekly Protest
  • Ongoing abuse and torture with HAARP Ionising Electromagnetic Radiation Frequencies
  • Interference when I try to tell my story. Derailment and ongoing attempts to silence me to hide the abuse. Decided to develop a visual narrative to represent my ordeal in a form of an activism T.shirt which is not going anywhere due to US Military interference to manipulate dialogue
  • Ongoing social media awareness


  • Among the TI community, its been decided that 2018 is the year to shake up the mental health and policing systems who are using inappropriate action to deal with this crime i.e calling people mentally ill, drugging them or not taking the required action to protect people from this crime. They are acting like enablers instead of protectors where these crimes are concerned. I am one of the many Targeted Individuals who is willing to seek justice in the highest courts of Justice to have these crimes addressed appropriately.
  • Abuse Diary
  • Wrongly sectioned and discharged by a mental health tribunal who found mysectioning unwarranted
  • Ongoing Interference and derailment to stop me Developing Protest wear. I am interested in using my creative skills to design Protest wear and raise awareness about abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons. I am a holder of a BA (Hons) Degree and a Post Graduate Degree in Photography. Both degrees are from De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. I am currently doing a course in Fashion and Design. It was a personal project that US Military interfere in to and control the project including trying to force me to embellish the truth to protect US Military and stopping me from reveling the extend of the crime perpetrated against me.


London Targeted Individuals Protest 2019
  • Justice : Please visit my periscope to see my video expressing the pain and abuse I have suffered at the hands of US Military forcing mind control on me against my will under Chemtrails/HAARP developments https://t.co/U85p3Dvbqc
  • Persistent harassment and abuse with HAARP Ionising Radiation frequencies causing me to feel disoriented, fatigued and stressed 24/7
  • Forced v2k and image induction of horrific, graphic content of Terrorism, Child porn, child abuse, and sniff film. use weapons to torture and abuse me creating an abusive environment for me to bring my kids up. Psychologically forcing abuse content to destroy mother and child bond while  Forcing me to get pregnant so they can abuse me and the child.
  • The abuse with HAARP Ionising radiation causing negative health impact
    • Odema
    • Diabetes
    • Migraine and Daily occurring headaches


  • US Military are forcing to embed in my life without my consent. As time is moving on, I am able to tell people what US Military have been doing to me for 7 years. US Military attack civilians in the street and start harassing them in a crime known as gangstalking. They isolate the victim and start gasligliting them  in particular to law enforcement and anyone who can help. Once they prove to the person that no one  is going to help, they reinforce  their authority as above the law & speak disparagingly  of all authority including in my case, The Queen of England which US Military talked about assassinating to make way for NWO . NWO is cult which wants to control the whole world and  run a central government by dictatorship.

The Queen already owns quite alot of property in the world, she does not have to share her power with anyone, which is why New World Order is run by a bunch of criminals who are plotting her assassination and the demise of the Monarchy for their own benefit. So US Military are not only targeting civilians to force them to do acts of treason against their own country, US Military are encouraging treachery on all levels of governance and in all countries.

So US Military are attacking civilians to force them do do acts of terrorism , treason and political crimes against their own government and other nations for the sole purposing of pushing  NWO agenda. They should be caught and prosecuted.

2021 and Ongoing

  • Intentions to build evidence for a Legal case
  • Working with various professionals and other people in various related situations to Expose HAARP Frequencies/Electromagnetic abuse
  • Rebuild my life and my fractured identity
  • Development of http://www.imnotaprototype.com, a community for targeted individuals run by Targeted Individuals


Not all targeted individuals go on to commit serious crimes because we are all on the receiving end of a large spectrum of technology application and intentions. I consider my situation serious enough to identify with these individuals who felt the had no option but to commit serious crimes to have their voices heard. while I do not condone acts of violence I believe we need to discuss these issues so we can have a better understanding so we can help targeted individuals in dire straits . Ideally I advocate for better systems to be put in place like having Targeted Individuals complaints taken seriously and investigated.

So Instead of putting the whole blame on Targeted Individuals, is it not time for the Public to ask what is the Police doing regarding complaints by targeted individuals that they are being mistreated with Direct Energy Weapons. Instead of signing posting people to mental health, which clearly is not working. Is it not time the governments of this world take responsibility and investigate these crimes. In the spirit of prevention instead of reaction when a serious accident has occurred.

My case study includes a list of people in the main stream media and online who have identified themselves as Targeted Individuals. These people ended up committing serious crimes after having initially approached the authorities for help and nothing was done. Instead they were referred to the mental health institutions where their stories and experiences where disputed, challenged and silenced. Some where even heavily medicated as a result. Still serious crimes where committed. Could these events been prevented.

I continue to experience the same treatment from the authorities when I report the crimes happening to me. They either ignore or gaslight me for being a victim of Direct Energy Weapons. I feel alone and desperate for help. I want change. I have created a website www.imnotaprototype.com so we can have a community hub for targeted individuals so they can feel supported in a community by others going through a similar situation.

Notable Activists

Targeted individuals who are working for justice and change in this area

Click here for other sources to learn what is currently available online regarding Targeted Individuals and other related issues


*Disclaimer : All work and research should not be taken out of context. References should be used to understand the existence of a serious criminal behavior within US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Technologies. US Military is involved in crimes of injustice with RF Frequencies on the Electromagnetic spectrum in US and around the world