I am exposing what I know

I was ambushed & manipulated , forced into a mind control program against my will & forced to stay based on intricate attempts to web my life around Targeted individuals issues in a way that people would not see that I was being exploited. And exploited in a big and malicious way involving trying to force me into acts of espionage and treason against my country. I am being blackmailed for Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals in the name of career development. Career development which never happened because the real goal involved forcing themselves to sink more and more control into my life, hoping I will have children they can control and exploit for their goals. This agenda would be a way of controlling my children as generation of slaves for their infiltration of Zimbabwe through various ways including politics and trying to influence the control of Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals in to US Military Complex favour. Which I am against. Zimbabwe should be allowed to trade its resources with other countries based on good merits and understanding. Since 2013 I am being tortured and abused by US Military on a daily basis 24/7 against my will and without any means to protect myself other than speaking out and hoping something can be do to stop this crime.

In the years I have been a Targeted Individual, I have been forced into isolation. With limited contact with the outside world. I grew to rely on online social interaction. But even that has been gradually being taken away from me leaving me in total isolation where the exploitation and manipulation is increasing to totally strip me of any independent identity, freewill & sense of self. I am being continually manipulated & exploited since I became a victim since 2013. I am being denied the right to live the life I want. I am constantly being sabotaged every attempt I make and never go far beyond a few days and weeks. They always make sure I return to the point where through sleep deprivation, harassment, torture and abuse, I fail to maintain the goals I want to achieve.

I am being exposed to an electromagnetic frequency field that is putting pressure on my body especially my head, meaning that I am forced to lie down for extended periods of the day only going to the toilet, or preparing & eating food. I am being imprisoned and exploited. What I think, watch, do is constantly being controlled & fed down to me regardless of wether its what I want or not. I clearly have no choice or say in the matter.

I am being denied my right to have relationships and a social life instead I am being forced to construct lies which protects my perpetrators over my own interests. They are creating relationships that are temporary & clearly in adequate for my needs. These relationships are never meant for long term & are deliberately designed to be toxic so they dont last leaving isolated for extended periods of time.

If this is my last and final attempt to move away from this & figure my own life out. Then let it be because I have made up my mind that people have to learn the truth & see what being done to people under HAARP and HAARP Mind Control technologies by Governments. My perpetrators identified themselves as US Military and I have no reason to doubt they are behind my abuse, torture and harrassment with access to UK air space with drones & US Military satellites. If it was a hostile enemy like Russia or China, I would like to know how they can have free access to UK/US Military equipment without any issues. Basically I know my abusers are US Military.

Courage calls to Courage everywhere

Millicent Fawcett slogan, who was a suffragette who campaigned for women’s suffrage by legal change.

The ICATOR lawsuit advert we ran on Facebook, about 3 months ago had a reach of just over 50 000 views as of to date. And this is just the beginning of our development as an organisation and it shows the potential of the internet and our ability to use digital platforms to raise awareness in pursue of justice for Targeted Individuals. The reach is phenomenal and does not limit us to only traditional forms of publicising our cause. I have always known its a game changer if we know how to position ourselves and our messages as Targeted individuals. We need to be innovative and proactive in how we approach this situation.

The irony is when I announced that I was developing a social justice platform, I experienced resistance from fellow Targeted Individuals who I expected support from. Resistance so strong they thought I needed them to succeeded when really I just needed their support and motivation to power though as friends do. So when they started shutting me down in a passive aggressive way, I decided to distance myself from them because they obviously felt threatened and uncomfortable although that was not my intention. The negativity was interfering with my ability to proceed positively, in order for me to achieve what I set out to do. I wasn’t feeling supported. I realise I was in a fake friends situation and when it got petty, I checked out. I was not going to put up with people treating me with contempt especially when I though they were friends. So disheartening to find people acting in such a way when you thought everyone was working towards the same cause.

I decided to be the Founder of my own social justice organisation because I know some of my ideas for http://www.iamnotaprototype.com are innovative and would be difficult to implement working under somebody’s else platform. I have a very creative approach. I like to try things out in order to find out what works and see what is going to give us results as Targeted Individuals. So this method of working will never work with people who are not flexible, creative or willing to try out different approaches to campaigns to secure justice for Targeted Individuals. Although my confidence is a bit low, I am realising that I do have very good skills, I was taking for granted. I remember as a Photography student in class & our lectures trying to tell us how to do digital marketing for our photography & me thinking I was so advanced in my understanding because I had been so active on social media daily, watching trends develop and grow. I could have been teaching that module, at a more advanced level as I had acquired a lot of knowledge, networking on social media platforms. Sometimes practical experience is better that sitting in a lecture room and learning something. However everything works in balance. I am grateful for my education because it has given me the skills to plan a project, organize, manage large data and information, visual presentation, group working and troubleshooting etc.

So my approach to http://www.iamnotaprototype.com comes with a lot of knowledge acquired both practical and academic experience needed to develop a social justice platform and facilitating the reach aspect of the platform. While its primarily for Targeted Individuals who want belonging from anywhere in the world. Its for everyone else who wants to understand this crime in depth to maybe support their family member, relative or friend to anyone who wants to help Targeted Individuals raise awareness and get justice for crimes that have been perpetrated against them including cybertorture and all forms of non consensual human experimentation with Electromagnetic weapons.

I am currently trying to break down my knowledge into information that can be easily accessed by Targeted Individuals and none Targeted Individuals alike. In order to reach out beyond our Targeted Individuals community to other key stakeholders who could help us in our cause including but not limited to police, press, public etc, we have to show that we are aware of the limitations & barriers to our social justice developments and need their input to drive policy change and get justice for Targeted Individuals. Its an appeal to humanity to enable this process to succeed while covering as many basis as possible.

Targeted individuals from all walks of life need to come together to campaign for restoration of human rights, acknowledgement and justice. For our campaigns, Its never a bad thing to look back in history to find motivation and understand the challenges people in past have dealt with, in their pursuit for justice. They are so many movements in history and Courage calls to Courage everywhere is just one of those justice campaigns from history, I came across in my recent visit to Tate Liverpool. Its a piece of art done by on work by Gillian Wearing of Millicent Fawcett a suffragette. Makes me reflect on how many Targeted Individuals are putting themselves out to pursue justice as we need everyone doing their part until we all reach a perfect unison. They are some divisions in the TI community unfortunately perpetuated by individuals who cause disharmony weather they are aware of it or not. This causes unnecessary divisions. We need unity. Its not about who is doing what & why. Its about asking yourself as a Targeted Individual “WHAT AM I DOING TO STOP THIS CRIME?”

Protest Wear – Making the invisible, visible…

Making the invisible, visible.

As a Targeted Individual my suffering is perceived as none existent by people unfamiliar with this crime because it does not leave visible scares like other forms of abuse and torture. While this crime is internalised , its equally damaging and traumatising that it needs acknowledging in one form or another, as the trauma will manifest in situations that might not be ideal. Bolts of angry, frustration and destructive behaviours are all signs of unresolved issues resulting in my torture and abuse with direct energy weapons. I have always felt that doing this project will be of significant benefit to my health. Not only will it be a form of art therapy, its about me developing real life skills for further development my artistic skills. Prior to my targeting I was keen on exploring textiles and images. People using images on clothing to express themselves. This is an area developing that I have been observing for a while. I want to believe I will not always be a victim of this crime and I have to think of a future beyond my life as a Targeted Individual. I want to develop skills I can use for the rest of my life. As well as using this project for my own art therapy, its also for my wellbeing as working on this project will reduce my online time & enable me to focus on me developing practical skills I can use in my life.

I still have a dream of becoming an art therapist helping others who want to use art to facilitate their healing. as that was the direction I thought I was going to take, having chosen an Arts based subject to study at college and university. So the idea is always at the back of my mind. People come to me on social media platforms or via direct messages to express their pain, anger and frustration of being targeted individuals. Although I can sympathise with them, I am left feeling very frustrated that I can not do more to help them. Not only do I have to deal with my own experience of being targeted individual, I have to step up and help those who need my help. It means listening to what they have to say, reassuring them that I understand and validated their experience. Who knew my active listening skills will come in handy beyond my former job as a support worker. This crime takes it another different level though, but I understand the significance of being supported and motivated to fight for what’s right in a very unjust and cruel world. I acknowledge my limitations as a none qualified counselor, I can not lead people to real solutions they need and deserve for the integrity of their health and wellbeing. I recognise that they is lack of funding for Targeted Individuals like myself to access counselling specifically designed to address issues involving trauma based mind control, cybertorture and all other forms of non-consensual human experimentation. Its definitely one of the issues I would like to address in my book, The Targeted Individual Conundrum, that I hope will be the masterplan to dealing with all Targeted Individuals issues and facilitate tentative steps and developments to make targeted individuals understood and treated with dignity and respect in all aspects of their lives.

Because of my 20 years working as a Support Worker, advocating for vulnerable individuals and making improvements in their quality of life. Its skills that I try to implement in my own life as much as possible. Understanding my situation, calculating my short comings helps me to address some of the challenges I experience. At the moment I am finding my sleeping routine very undesirable and my twitter addiction destructive. These are bad habits that I have formed as a result of being a targeted individual. Some can be coping mechanisms that may have worked in the past but have recently become undesirable because I have discovered an urgency in me that wants to grow and evolve as my needs and wants are not being met by continuing these behaviours. I want to have a social life with friends I can physically see and socialise with, get married, have children. Have an job and income. All those things this crime has robbed from me.

Devising a new daily routine where my Protest Wear development form the central part of my day over everything else going on in my life. Its going to be my art therapy, my sanctuary and personal space to relate to myself and I against this crime.

Titford Canal

This was my first time visiting the canal and finding it frozen. Thanks to the recent road upgrade by the council, the area is usually muddy and slippery during wet winter months that it would normally be a no go area. So the new road has really improved user experience.


A few images from the Albert Dock of my recent trip to Liverpool where I visited several exhibitions – Tate Liverpool and The Slavery Museum.

Exhibitions I saw included


Across the road was the Slavery Museum where I collected several quotes which I found inspirational as I feel its akin to the Targeted individual situation

My first train journey of 2022.

I lost a lot of bots on Twitter and I am okay with it.

The value of true connection cannot be undervalued on social media platforms. It can be a platform for good when people with similar outlook and interests link up to give each other validation and motivation. And a bot is not going to do that. Instead might give you a temporary boost of having followers but if they make such lousy followers because they are of no intrinsic value except a bit of an ego boost. After a while they can not motivate you into your cause or interest. They have their limit in boosting your confidence. They are basically useless. You have to motivate yourself to get to the next level. Beyond the following and the likes. Talking as someone who is currently detoxing from a terrible twitter addiction, I am surprised at the straids I have made for me and my life.

So my outlook has changed and it seems for the better as I gradually distance myself from social media hype and into more substantial developments about the way forward for my current situation, figuring out how to create a more sustainable development to raise awareness beyond my community of targeted individuals. As a community we need to break those barriers that have been created deliberately to isolate us from public awareness and getting justice for unjustifiable deeds that have been done to members of our community.

http://www.iamnotaprototype.com is a social justice platform with an agenda to help Targeted Individuals get justice for their situation and for the world to be aware of these experiences so that it they can never happen again to our children, grandchildren, the future generation.

Facebook Dating

Wore a simple but comfortable dress for drinks at my local pub tonight. Date went great. Even got a kiss 💋 at the end. Still early days but watch this space.

Went on my first date Sunday 09 January 2022 less than 48 hours after joining Facebook Dating. The whole process was so fast, that it caught me unaware. Initially I was not sure, If I wanted a date that quick but once I let it sink in, I decided to go for it. And I am glad I did because me and my date seemed to have hit it off great and we will be going on another date next week. Result!

Call to Action Campaign

As a Social Justice Organisation our #CallToAction campaign to get Targeted Individuals together to petition global leaders around the world, starting with Nilz Melzer is gaining momentum with people signing up daily. Hopefully we can develop a drive within the community for Targeted Individuals who want to see change and justice. I have decided to take a step back from multiple marketing strategies to focus on making http://www.iamnotaprototype.com an international platform Targeted Individuals need and require to make their goals possible, to drive campaigns and to reach out to Governments to facilitate change in policies and practice. Every Targeted Individual wants to be free. And through our collective effort and action, we shall be free. For feedback contact us through our email Support@imnotaprototype.com or our contact us page

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion” Albert Camus

Winnie Mangwende , Founder & Director. http://www.iamnotaprototype.com

From Libra With Love

Targeting has taken away from me, my glamour, femininity, my womanhood. Time to fight back & get my power as the woman I was meant to be. Winnie Mangwende” |Targeted Individual | 2013 – Current

Not all heroes wear visible scars. When someone tells you they are a Targeted Individual. Show them compassion.

I am not ashamed to admit that despite the Advances in Power Driven Careers for Women, deep down I just want to be someone’s wife and a mother. I feel being a Targeted Individual has robbed me of my best experience in life yet. The ability to have a life partner. I do not want art to be my pseudo partner, I just want Art to reflect my emotion and passion for love, which seem so elusive in my life. Like a tragedy, the thing I want the most is the thing I cant have – Love

Libra being my star sign represents everything I cherish from Scales ⚖ representing Balance and Justice, right down to the Emotion of Love .

From Libra with Love started as a Photography project, in 2010- 2011 while doing my HNC at Sandwell College, West Bromwich. I had gone through a very difficult heartbreak after been ghosted by a fiancé who purported to love me. Left with no answers, I was left with a broken heart from someone I had been so intimate and shared all my secrets with. I needed to heal. It took me a few years to finally say I was over him and I had the right to be HAPPY again. So I put all my love and passion into ‘From Libra with Love’. This was my first project about making the invisible pain- visible. I wanted people to see a beautiful picture, where I saw my pain and a broken heart. I wanted it all out in the open yet I wanted it to be my secret because of the shame and pain I had. I still get emotional even today, just thinking about how vulnerable and powerless I felt. Yes, I am soo over him and can forgive the idea that he wanted to move on but can never forgive the cold and heartless way it was done, that I do not ever want to see him again. He is dead to me. On reflection, ‘From Libra with Love’ is my first Art Therapy Project that I did without even being aware of doing it, as a therapeutic process that aided in my healing, because the Photography course I was doing at the time, focused on technique rather than artistic practice. Needless to say it wasn’t appreciated in the way I expected, so I discontinue it and went on to focus on other practical and mundane things like making sure my portrait photography was lite properly and on point as was required within my course. Now I am my own boss and content creator, I call the shots. Lesson learned about listening to other people opinions who do not see the value in you.

Hoping the Photography work I did for ‘From Libra with Love’ can be made into a romantic themed card range for valentine or any other special occasion calling for hearts and love. Thats why the actual project can not be published here as I need to protect my copyright and intellectual property.

Fast forward 2022, I have been through a very difficult time in my life again with being a Targeted Individual, and having gone through the frustration and challenges, I want to be happy again by doing the things l love like Photography and Art. It was while I was going through my college and University scrapbooks recently, that I came across ‘From Libra with Love’ and had a light bulb 💡 moment. I can see the possibilities of developing it into a worthwhile project to help me heal and recover from my trauma. I want to make the invisible pain- visible for the world to see and understand why I have grown so bitter and distrustful of the world I live in. Someone has been hurting me and I want justice. I want to dive deep into Art Therapy through my own practice & develop the long standing agenda of the protest wear which will combine all or some of the art practices like Photography, Art and Textiles. I want “From Libra with Love” to be my clothing label for my fashion line. Girl can fantasise right because If the right guy came along tomorrow, I could be busy raising our child, to care about an art project. I think kids are the future and deserve all our care 100%. I know I am being too idealistic. All I am saying is, I can always come back to it at a later time as I have done recently

So here is from me to you – From Libra with Love.