From Libra With Love

Targeting has taken away from me, my glamour, femininity, my womanhood. Time to fight back & get my power as the woman I was meant to be. Winnie Mangwende” |Targeted Individual | 2013 – Current

Not all heroes wear visible scars. When someone tells you they are a Targeted Individual. Show them compassion.

I am not ashamed to admit that despite the Advances in Power Driven Careers for Women, deep down I just want to be someone’s wife and a mother. I feel being a Targeted Individual has robbed me of my best experience in life yet. The ability to have a life partner. I do not want art to be my pseudo partner, I just want Art to reflect my emotion and passion for love, which seem so elusive in my life. Like a tragedy, the thing I want the most is the thing I cant have – Love

Libra being my star sign represents everything I cherish from Scales ⚖ representing Balance and Justice, right down to the Emotion of Love .

From Libra with Love started as a Photography project, in 2010- 2011 while doing my HNC at Sandwell College, West Bromwich. I had gone through a very difficult heartbreak after been ghosted by a fiancé who purported to love me. Left with no answers, I was left with a broken heart from someone I had been so intimate and shared all my secrets with. I needed to heal. It took me a few years to finally say I was over him and I had the right to be HAPPY again. So I put all my love and passion into ‘From Libra with Love’. This was my first project about making the invisible pain- visible. I wanted people to see a beautiful picture, where I saw my pain and a broken heart. I wanted it all out in the open yet I wanted it to be my secret because of the shame and pain I had. I still get emotional even today, just thinking about how vulnerable and powerless I felt. Yes, I am soo over him and can forgive the idea that he wanted to move on but can never forgive the cold and heartless way it was done, that I do not ever want to see him again. He is dead to me. On reflection, ‘From Libra with Love’ is my first Art Therapy Project that I did without even being aware of doing it, as a therapeutic process that aided in my healing, because the Photography course I was doing at the time, focused on technique rather than artistic practice. Needless to say it wasn’t appreciated in the way I expected, so I discontinue it and went on to focus on other practical and mundane things like making sure my portrait photography was lite properly and on point as was required within my course. Now I am my own boss and content creator, I call the shots. Lesson learned about listening to other people opinions who do not see the value in you.

Hoping the Photography work I did for ‘From Libra with Love’ can be made into a romantic themed card range for valentine or any other special occasion calling for hearts and love. Thats why the actual project can not be published here as I need to protect my copyright and intellectual property.

Fast forward 2022, I have been through a very difficult time in my life again with being a Targeted Individual, and having gone through the frustration and challenges, I want to be happy again by doing the things l love like Photography and Art. It was while I was going through my college and University scrapbooks recently, that I came across ‘From Libra with Love’ and had a light bulb 💡 moment. I can see the possibilities of developing it into a worthwhile project to help me heal and recover from my trauma. I want to make the invisible pain- visible for the world to see and understand why I have grown so bitter and distrustful of the world I live in. Someone has been hurting me and I want justice. I want to dive deep into Art Therapy through my own practice & develop the long standing agenda of the protest wear which will combine all or some of the art practices like Photography, Art and Textiles. I want “From Libra with Love” to be my clothing label for my fashion line. Girl can fantasise right because If the right guy came along tomorrow, I could be busy raising our child, to care about an art project. I think kids are the future and deserve all our care 100%. I know I am being too idealistic. All I am saying is, I can always come back to it at a later time as I have done recently

So here is from me to you – From Libra with Love.

2022 and Beyond

As new & recently appointed Member of the Sandwell Tenants and Leaseholder Scrutiny Group, in 2022, Im looking forward to working alongside a Team dedicated to Community Development and Engagement

As a Photographer and Artist, I am keen to work with the community to explore Sandwell and The Black Country’s diverse & rich heritage.

For leisure I love exploring the canals in Sandwell. I am keen to learn a bit more about Sandwell’s history in coal mining. Coal mining so famous, it got a borough named the Black country after its history. Why was mining stopped in the black country? I can only speculate.

How can we harness its history to inform the future and create a more sustainable and viable environment around current coal mining globally.

In the 21st century the focus is now on green energy for a clean environment. My particular interest is to understand the impact of air pollution, what we are breathing in and advocate for a less toxic environment. We need to live free from air pollution caused by fumes from fuel burning for electricity grids for commercial and domestic use, commercial waste, car exhausts, chemtrails etc