“Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality…” Susan Sontag

Chemtrails- The Grotesque Monstrosities

I became an avid sky watcher after learning about chemtrail developments happening in the skies, in countries like the UK where I currently live. I was both intrigued and petrified at the impact of the Chemtrail developments on our environment and our human bodies, the air we breath. Theories of nano particles that can enter the blood brain barrier. My position is not to romanticise these clouds but to see them as grotesque monstrosities that are dark and very cold. My images are take on a Sony RX1 Cybershot Camera. I hope to create a Photobook of 100 images for a Photobook edition coming soon…subscribe to get a photobook update and more

According to Dr Nick Begich, Author of “Angels dont play this HAARP”, frequencies can alter human brain function as a deliberate or accidentally act. The developments when  done on mass populations, indicates of a nefarious happenstance to use people in Transhumanism developments without their knowledge or consent. No wonder the anti Transhumanism sentiments are on an all time high.
As an avid critic of chemtrail developments, I want these developments documented for posterity and for debate. Are we going to continue to watch our skies get obliterated, our world destroyed , with us in it? No!

I have made Images of  chemtrail developments captured while in progress, from the balcony of my flat and reflected on my emotions and feelings towards these developments.  Its not a surprise,  I didn’t like them. A  result my processing of these photographs reflect the gloom and doom humanity stand to face if things go seriously wrong with these chemtrail developments. Each image I captured has a cloud/clouds created by Chemtrail chemical process. Observed as an art form of creative expression, to be marveled from a distance, in the vast expansion space in a gallery or an online space. Just as I have found them imposing being observed through the lens of camera from the balcony of my flat. While they is beauty in these great big grotesque monstrosities, we can’t  ignore that the fall out can have devastating consequences on the planet

“The painter constructs, the photographer discloses.” Susan Sontag

Influenced by Turner who painted his landscapes with vivid, hint of violence and turbulence within his work. These chemtrail clouds appear to revoke the same sentiments and feelings of fear, doom & gloom in me. I would like to invite those who haven’t “understood the assignment,” to take a closer look at Chemtrail developments