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Sewing and Dressmaking Reflective Journal

The Fashion Folder Research


25 January 2022

I have just been going through my sewing and dressmaking folder. I have managed to complete 7 assignments 5 years. Assignments that could have been completed in 7 weeks. The course is long distance and the actual course payments were completed several years ago. This is an example of the interference and disruption I have been experiencing in my life as US Military continue to torture and abuse me with malice destroying my ability to pursue my interest and exercise my freewill. I should have been keeping a reflection journal as well as developing fashion scrapbook, but every time I try to start developing these projects using my experiences as a Targeted Individual, US Military disrupt the whole process & try to divert even use the project to exploit and undermine my ability to decided my own project development.

January 2021, I lost my job because I was being vocal about my situation as a Targeted Individual. Being silent was no longer an option. While I had a personal vision to raise awareness of my situation, I decided to develop a community based platform to bring other targeted individuals together for support and empowerment. Some of the issues within our community range from homelessness to legal fees. I would be grateful if you are able to support my fundraising efforts by purchases one my T-shirts or making a donation at using the links below. Please note the links are external and will take you either to our shop or community website. Money raised will be used for Individual and Community Development.