The Fashion Folder Research

This is a combination of two assignments

2A : High Street Fashion Folder Requirements

  1. Decide how you will work – age groups, seasonal styles, price bands, or another classification.
  2. Visit your local chain stores and department shops and review what is on offer. Collect any promotional literature that they may have. Select suitable pictures for your folder
  3. look at the fashion pages in local and national newspapers and take out any pictures available.
  4. Treat yourself to a good fashion magazine or see if a friend has some to spare. Go through and choose the pictures of fashion and accessories which appeal to you or which for some reason you would choose not to wear. Make note of your reason.
  5. When you have a good assortment , neatly trim round the picture and stick it into your folder. By the side, note down your comments and feelings about the style, colour or for whom it would be suitable.
  6. Make your work look neat and attractive. Think about the layout of the pages. Fashion is a very visual subject – learn to work out how things can be best displayed and should include approx. 20 pages (inc. tittle page, introduction, research and conclusion)
  7. Your aim is to produce a reference folder of styles, colours, garment types and accessories which reflect the fashion available at the moment and to develop your critical awareness of that fashion.
  8. To complete your folder, please include a conclusion of the information you have gained in your chosen research area.

2B Assignment