Winnie Mangwende is an aspiring writer , Artist and a Targeted Individual who has spend the last 8 years trying to figure out the solution to this Targeted Individual situation. In the book, The Targeted Individual Conundrum, Winnie hopes to use her Targeted individual experience and practical knowledge on human rights issues to Advocate for Policy Change and Restoration of Human Rights for Targeted Individuals. Winnie is the Director and Founder for

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WWW.IAMNOTAPROTOTYPE.COM is an social justice platform working in conjunction with individuals and organisation to highlight and address issues affecting Targeted Individuals though engagement, empowerment, public awareness campaigns. Our efforts include developments to demand Policy change and Advocate for Targeted Individuals facing injustice. Founded on my own experiences as a targeted individual, seeks to address issues of inequality and injustice from an individual perspective as well as the community as a whole. Website Launching October 2023, the platform will connect with other Targeted Individuals and organisations from around the globe. A platform designed to deal with some of the issues identified in this book. Currently working tirelessly in the background to create a voice and equal representation of Targeted Individuals everywhere.

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How to save a life?

Does this crime actually exists?

Lets get this out of the way straightway because what I say next is for someone who is informed about the issue of Targeted Individuals and maybe want more knowledge, theirs and Targeted Individual position before they try to intervene or help. To read more testimonies of Targeted Individuals other than myself, go to the United Nations of Human Rights page and you will find testimonies from Member States, Organisations and Individuals under Inputs Received : Psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment #Cybertorture.

So today I made a tweet. And the world carried on living. Its not controversial anymore I have said it so many times and people have grown numb to it. Although its not the reaction people not familiar with cybertorture expect, I tend to be ok with it because the alternatives for me might be worse. I might be forcibility taken down and put in a psychiatry hold for as long as it takes to SHUT ME UP, and I will be back again to the same situation because nothing changes. People in my situation learn to keep silent about their cybertorture, acting like its not happening to them when its killing them inside. Every moment I am alive as a Targeted Individual, its a victory over a battle not many people are aware of. It might sound dramatic but I know if I invited some of you to live a day in my life, and let you be subjected to 24/7 cybertorture with electromagnetic weapons, you would not make it. So let me vent and express my anger a bit because that is what is giving me the motivative to fight and live another day. If I did not, I will be dead before you know it and it will be all your fault including the original perpetrators. So let me have my space. I have a special message for the busy bodies who think the government will solve everything. News flash – They don’t. They are particularly useless at dealing with this crime. and I will give you some good and bad examples of what is going on right now – 24 January 2022.

Most governments are complicit in this crime weather they are actively participating or actively denying the existence of non consensual human experimentation with Electromagnetic weapons. Each country that has a mental health facility is actively denying the reality of the situation. I think mental health facilities have proliferate every country at the back of non consensual human experimentation with electromagnetic weapons. These have become holding facilities to silence people being forced to endure this crime. Something is changing because you can not keep this hidden as more and more people became victims. Recently the closest any government has every acknowledged the existence of these weapons is US Government addressing the Havana syndrome issue and accusing China’s companies of doing mind control on people. If that is not virtue signaling , I don’t know what is. Worse still, the very US government that is accusing every other governments, has its on long list of citizens living and experiencing this crime everyday known as Targeted individuals, targeted by their own operations that US government will not acknowledge despite setting up a bio ethics committee to investigate in 2011. The sad thing is, its not only US government that is complicit in this crime, its almost all governments, as long as they are people to be abused, this crime has proliferated. Exceptional cases of a country now working towards addressing this issue include only Chile which has only so far made a stand with its neuro rights bill.

After I became a Targeted Individual, I was sitting in my kitchen one day, playing this song over and over, trying to figure out what I was missing because its a beautiful song about saving life of a friends or relative from suicide. Advising people to stay with them all night and talking to them until they stopped feeling like “killing themselves”. So what happens after? Is the problem solved? Its a short term solution to a long term problem. Or is it ethical or moral to permanently lock innocent people in a psychic ward to keep them alive forever. Why is it some of those people will eventually commit suicide or depending on their vengeance will commit an act of terror or mass shooting. Is it possible that despite all the nights of talking to them, you are not solving the root of the problem and gradually that person learns to say less and less until they commit suicide or worse commit a crime that takes other innocent people with them. So this platform is not addressing these issues in a light hearted manner. Its about seeking solutions, exposing a crime that will change everything you know.

I am working on a website where I am using my experience to tell a story, educate and raise awareness about a serious crime that should concern people and demand action from governments to stop these crimes happening to people. I know that subjects like terrorism, mass shooting and suicide scare people because they feel like they don’t know what to do, and that governments should handle such issues. What if the governments are not doing a good job. What if these issues could be prevented. We need Governments to start addressing crimes involving targeting, cybertorture, gangstalking before the situation escalates to the point that someone feels they have to take matters in the own hands, weather they justify it as showing defiance, protection or protest. All these situations have a real cost – Life. How can we be a society that gets angry at an act of suicide yet do not want to address the root issue of the problem. Currently people are dealing with half hearted prevention and practices measures in place that do not work because you are not addressing the real problem to the situation. The problem might be something more serious that you can never comprehend it unless you have ever experienced it in your life. This is my story about how to save a life